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What is orgone then?

Orgone seems to mean the “Life Energy flowing all around us” and is a scientific work to describe Prana or Chi. The word Orgone is derived from “Org” meaning “impulse or excitement”.

Orgone devices were originally developed while studying life force and subtle energies where they they were observed to clear stagnant electro-static energy. They have also more recently been used to balance harmful Electromagnetic waves as a result of frequencies generated by cell phone towers, WiFi routers and devices, electrical grids, and electronic systems.

At OrAgonite, we have experimented with a multitude of artistic ways to display an energy device.

Place in a room, workspace, garden, in or around water, in a refrigerator, and more - or attached to an electrical panel or meter, phone, iPad or any electronic device. These are just some of the experiments we explore and design devices for.


OrAgonite devices are made up of organic metal parts and quartz crystals that help interact with and balance the orgone or energy of an environment, including the human body. Just like people engage in practices such as Yoga and Meditation, Qigong, Quantum Touch, Acupuncture, and Acupressure, OrAgonite is reported to help balance the flow of energy in and around the space or body.

Organic & Inorganic Ingredients

OrAgonite devices include quartz, selenite, powdered copper, shungite, metal shavings, and black iron oxide in an epoxy resin. OrAgonite art pieces typically exclude shungite and black iron oxide.

Our body has an electromagnetic field, and too much interaction can make our magnetic field distorted. OrAgonite devices help to harmonize the electromagnetic field in and around the body and the physical space it is in.

It has been studied that orgone accumulators help to take harmful wave forms and push them into a north and south pole, creating a torus-like shape. Reports indicate that they not only reduce harmful frequencies but they become an Earth wave between 3-60hz and most often 7-8hz - which is related to Earth's natural frequency, also called the Schumann Resonance. 

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