CurrentSee and Payment Options

At OrAgonite, we see Loving Kindness as our primary CurrentSEE, also known as Koha.

We carry that Koha is equal exchange to honor an exchange. Koha is a word in the Maori Language which means ‘Energy Exchange of the Heart’ - and it can take many forms, and currentSee is just one of them. 

It is a custom of giving fairly with gratitude, and can come in any form including a fair exchange of money, products, skills, and time. The essence of koha is that it is voluntary, comes from the heart, and helps support the good work that is being done within the community.

If you have Koha to propose or would like to receive Koha, please let us know at during checkout, using the Messenger button at the bottom of our site, or contacting us here.

During checkout you can select Koha as your payment option…

Current-sees accepted:

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