About OrAgonite

We hand craft intelligent, artistic, & useful devices for humankind. OrAgonite is a path that allows us to actively experiment with Life in both tangible and intangible ways.

OrAgonite Is

- Art through Experimentation -

- Inquiry through Geometry -

Through this art and inquiry - alongside scientific equipment to measure observable attributes - we produce what we refer to as OrAgonite.

What we create may or may not be what is referred to as orgonite, or orgone accumulators or generators, or tower busters, or rain makers, or EMF devices, or jedi table decorations, or many other such suggested names for true orgone devices.

We create what we refer to as OrAgonite while conducting our experiments into art, spirit, and science. These unique pieces of artistic expression use both organic and inorganic materials.

Thus, our research enables us to explore how oxidation and reduction may or may not be affected by introducing new inner and outer elements to an environment, such as a piece of OrAgonite, preferably measurable at the atomic level, and thus, peering into its quantum nature, in flux, and to see how this may come to be.

Our next stage of exploration pairs together the scientific equipment proofs with each device into an NFT.